30 Day Book Challenge: Day 12 – A Book I Used To Love But Don’t Anymore


I know several people have been posting this book for this day, but I couldn’t think of a better example than Twilight. I randomly picked the book up at Barnes and Noble the same day my best friend did. We gobbled it up and made the rest of our friends read it. It was like a drug. Our entire school (at least those in the know) were constantly talking about the books. We’d discovered them right before Breaking Dawn came out and were ravenous for more.

I loved this book. I fell hard. Twilight was like my high school boyfriend. I became obsessed with it in a short amount of time, constantly thinking about it. It was the only thing I wanted or even was able to talk about. I could go on about Edward Cullen FO DAYZ! Talk about a teen crush.


Then came the fan fiction.

Veteran fan fic nerds, scoff all you want, but Twilight was my introduction into the fan fiction universe. This, of course, only added fuel to my fan fire. I read EVERYTHING, bad and good. I learned the lingo. I even wrote my own which, not to brag, became pretty popular on twilighted.net and got some good reads on fanfiction.net. I was in deep. 


Yet, as with all good things and young loves, it came to an end. The Twihards became this cultural movement. I went to the book release party (which, I mean, who doesn’t love a book release party?). I bought the fan gear. Then the movies came out. I was too much of a rabid teen to admit how terrible they were at first, but even I knew how ridiculous they were. (The spidermonkey thing. Really?! I’m still not over it.) But… Robert Pattinson… so I kept watching.

Then the eventual backlash hit.


I was starting to realize that Twilight was indeed a true stand in for a high school boyfriend. The initial fires died out. I began to see its flaws, how one-dimensional it was. The book and I had a run, but I’d outgrown it. The book was never meant to be an eternal love. It was just a fun fling.

Twilight will always have a place in my heart, as early loves always do, but I’ve moved on to better relationships.



2 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 12 – A Book I Used To Love But Don’t Anymore

  1. Aw, yes, I recently read another one of these posts in which the author chose Twilight to write about. It’s unfortunate that Twilight will be nothing but a flame in the past – however, it’s wonderful that it introduced you to the world of fanfiction and to bigger and better books!

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