Friday Five: Worst Things That Happen While Reading

  1. When people who don’t get bookworm etiquette always try to interrupt you while you’re reading, especially when you get to the good parts. I hate this because I always lose my place and have to get back into the book…just before they talk to me again…
  2. When your favorite character dies. I mean, it’s just cruel! (Looking at you, George R. R. Martin. You too, J.K. Rowling)
  3. When you can’t stop crying, laughing, screaming, making faces, etc. while you read in public, and people think you’re psychotic.
  4. When no one else has read the book you’ve just finished, but it left you with so many feels that you HAVE to discuss it with someone or you’ll EXPLODE, but no one you know has read it.

  5. When you’re at the end of the book or series or the next installment in the series is what feels like an eternity away from being released. 

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Worst Things That Happen While Reading

  1. I love these and their accompanying gifs 🙂 #4 and 5 happen with books, movies, TV shows…pretty much everything you could ever be obsessed with. It’s terrible!

  2. Gotta say I agree with ALL of these! I had the problem with #1 earlier today. People see I have my face buried in my book and they want to come talk, tease me and show me pictures. I just want to yell at them to go away, lol. Thanks for stopping by, new follower 🙂

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

  3. Ha ha these are all so true! Great choices and the gif’s just make everything all the more awesome. I have to say I think being interrupted which reading is the biggest one for me, especially if your right near the end of reaching a critical point in a novel and someone refuses to go away! LOL.

  4. These are so, so true! I hate when I’m reading in public and people interrupt my reading to ask me what my book is called, what it’s about, is it good, etc. Usually it’s men trying to hit on you rather than people who are actually interested in having a bookish conversation. #4 and #1 are why are started my book blog to discuss books. Otherwise I’d go insane.

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